The Real Cost Of Pain – It’s About More Than Just Your Symptoms

The Real Cost Of Pain – It’s About More Than Just Your Symptoms

Do you live with chronic pain?
Do you struggle to get through simple daily tasks because of pain?
Does pain impact your work?

Chronic pain is about so much more than just the physical symptoms you have. The real cost of pain and its impact on your life is much greater than that.

Many of my clients struggle with chronic pain. And it’s really not so much about the neck pain, the back pain, the knee pain. It’s about what that pain does to the rest of their lives.

The Emotional Cost of Pain

The real cost of pain is not in the symptoms themselves but in how they affect your ability to get through the day. Pain can have a huge impact on your daily life, your family life, your social life, your work life.

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Maybe you can’t work any more, maybe you can’t enjoy the hobbies you used to love, maybe you can’t take the family vacations that were always such a highlight, or maybe you can’t play with the grandkids the way you want to.

The real struggle is not knowing if the pain is ever going to go away, feeling like you are missing out on life because your pain is limiting you, impacting your quality of life.

The Financial Cost of Pain

The real cost of pain is also about the financial cost. If someone has a chronic condition, whether it’s an autoimmune disease, or an injury that they have been dealing with for a long time, there can be a real fear of not being able to pay the bills. It can be frightening when you can’t work as much as you used to. When you have to invest so much time and money into your own health care to find a solution. And all the while you don’t know how you are going to pay the mortgage.

The Relationship Cost of Pain

Pain also affects relationships. Whether that’s with your partner, your family, your colleagues, or your friends, pain can affect your mood and your physical abilities. All of those things impact your interactions with others. It affects so many aspects of your life, on every level.

These are the real problems that come up for most people. These are the real costs of pain.

I understand. I’ve been through trauma myself, and I live with continuing consequences, and their impact, every day. I understand. But there is hope.

Finding Hope Beyond the Pain

There are people out there who can help you – partners in this journey towards improving your health and  ultimately reclaiming your life again. There are many healthcare providers and healing practitioners who are highly trained, knowledgeable and compassionate who will guide and support you as you find your way back to a healthy state of body, mind and spirit.

If you’re ready to release your pain and begin the journey to reclaim your life, I would love to work with you. Contact me to schedule a conversation to get started.

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