Are You Living in Alignment?

Are You Living in Alignment?

Are you living in alignment?

Physically, emotionally and spiritually?

When asked about alignment in your own life, notice your gut reaction. Do you feel a grounded and confident “Yes!” or an icky feeling that says, “Not really, I’m a mess?”

What sensations arise inside when you think about alignment? Perhaps some areas of your life are in alignment, but others are not. Make a compassionate mental note of your answers.

Living in Alignment- reflecting your Self inside and out


To truly live in alignment with your Self and who you were designed to be, it’s essential to look at three aspects of you, beginning with your physical body.


We experience everything in our lives through our bodies and our senses. When your physical structure is aligned, you have optimal support, function, comfort and freedom of movement.

When your body is out of alignment, you may experience pain, dysfunction and disconnection from others, yourself and/or Spirit/God/Universe.

Whether you know it or not, how you care for, talk about and treat your body reflects your deeper beliefs and values. How often do you prioritize self-care?

We are each tasked with stewardship, accountability and responsibility for our bodies in this world. How we speak, treat, use, nourish and move our bodies says a lot about our underlying beliefs.

Through focused bodywork, the body’s physical structures can be aligned, allowing for greater personal freedom and movement. This optimal physical alignment opens the door to move into a higher level of emotional intelligence and alignment with your greater Self.


Your body and emotions are not separate from one another. Your fascia, or connective tissue system, actually stores beliefs, emotions and trauma in your body. Perhaps you’ve heard it described as, “issues in your tissues.”

Whether you’re depressed, fearful, confident, or something else, your body’s posture and alignment are direct reflections of your emotional state (see my What Your Body Says About Your Mind post here). Think about how you sit, stand or walk when you’re feeling these emotions.

Do you have a victim or scarcity mindset? How is your feeling of not-enough-ness affecting your health, relationships, career, and/or your life path? Are you ready to release the patterns that keep repeating themselves in your life?

Does the spectrum of emotions you experience daily reflect who you really are at your center, in your deepest heart? If you’re leaning towards no, your underlying beliefs may be holding you back.

Getting in touch with your emotions can be scary. But it is only through that awareness that we can feel and release our unhealthy patterns.


You are an expression of the Divine in our physical world. Do you regularly reflect on spirituality and your connection to God/Universe/Spirit?

When it comes to the body, mind & spirit, are you spending any time working on your spirit? Perhaps you’d like to create a daily practice, but don’t know how to get started.

Do you treat yourself, others, and mother Earth as sacred (because they are)? Would you like to get rid of the negative self-talk that beats you down and holds you back from who you’re really meant to be?

Are you letting others decide what’s best for you, or do you live your Truth? Do you need some mental space to figure out what your Truth even is?

These key elements of living in alignment– the physical, emotional, and spiritual– are not separate from one another.

When you cultivate awareness of each one, you move into greater alignment with yourself and set your life into action. Manifestation happens more easily because you’re grounded in yourself and you become the creator of your beautiful reality.

How Does One Move into Alignment?

Ask yourself the question again, “Are you living in alignment?”

I’ve struggled with this question (and the answer) myself. Over the years, in my quest for both personal and professional alignment, four practices have profoundly transformed my life:

  • Structural Integration bodywork
  • Yoga
  • Nutrition
  • Inner work, including: reflection, mindset and spiritual practice

Because I’ve used them myself, I know that each has the power to heal, and when combined, their positive effects are magnified. As a result, these are all the things I offer my clients through my private practice, and now, through the Living in Alignment 9-month program.

The Living in Alignment Program realigns your physical body for improved daily function and lasting relief from chronic pain, while deepening and connecting the experience to your emotional and spiritual Self so that you regain wholeness, joy and connection in all areas of your life.

The Living in Alignment Program

The Living in Alignment program includes targeted bodywork, movement, nutrition and Yogic philosophy, while delving into compassionate inner work. These open the door to profound transformation of your body, mind and Spirit, and ultimately, your life.

This program is for you if you:

  • Understand and value the connection between mind, body and Spirit
  • Are struggling with aches and pains that impact your personal or professional life
  • Are tired of chasing the same symptoms and not getting answers
  • Have tried other modalities, treatments, or programs with limited success
  • Experience disconnection from yourself or others because of pain and trauma
  • Desire a deeper connection to your higher Self and Spirit/Universe/God
  • Are ready to break your self-defeating patterns and create a better quality of life
  • Feel tired of putting yourself last and are ready to do something about it

In this unique, one-on-one, personalized program, you’ll experience the trifecta of Structural Integration bodywork, private yoga and nutritional consulting, along with deep, reflective Inner Alignment and Outer Alignment exploration through journaling, discussion and yoga/movement.

If you’re tired of repeating the same patterns, barely tolerating the heavy weight on your chest, and want to create better relationships and purpose in your life, then Living In Alignment is for you.

Interested? Email me or call 425.463.5763 to learn more and discuss how this program might be best suited and beneficial for you.

In gratitude,
Jennifer Soames

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