Jennifer Soames BCSI, LMT

Jennifer is your Holistic Health Advocate. Since 2006, Jennifer has helped thousands of clients with a variety of issues, ranging from chronic back and neck pain to posture problems to post-accident or surgery recovery, to live a balanced and physically thriving and empowered life. She has a passion for helping people just like you find the joy in life again.

From a young age, Jennifer always had a fascination with medicine, healing, and health. She has been an avid student of yoga since the age of 18, and has been even more dedicated to her yoga practice since 2011. After going through some big health- and life changes in both her teens and early 20s, Jennifer became inspired to base her career path on helping others reclaim their health and joy in both their body and life.

nature headshot of jennifer soames from santosha bodywork and yoga in issaquah

She received a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Washington State University (thinking an equine veterinary career was next: she has always been a horse lover) in 2004. She completed her massage therapy training at Bellevue Massage School in 2006, and her Kinesis Myofascial Integration/Structural Integration certification with Kinesis in Seattle in 2011. She is a Board Certified Structural Integrator and Certified Yoga Instructor. Jennifer brings together the principles of Structural Integration with the benefits of yoga into a unique style of movement called Integrative Yoga, aimed to help clients and students find optimal space, stability, ease and sense of wholeness in their bodies.


Jennifer has been published in Massage magazine and highlighted in both Costco Connections and Bicycling Magazine as an expert on the topics of postural assessment, injury prevention and movement. She enjoys writing and educating both her clients and the public about the human body, movement, yoga and nutrition.

She spends her free time with her family, weight lifting, practicing yoga, dancing, cooking, reading, riding horses (dressage), hiking and writing.

If you’d like to discuss your situation to see if her Issaquah, WA practice can help you, call her at (425) 463-5763.

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