Santosha Bodywork is Closing

Santosha Bodywork is Closing

The Big News

Dearest clients and students,

It is with mixed emotions that I share that Santosha Bodywork will be closing on January 30, 2020.

As you may know, I incurred a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in November 2013. Since then, some things have improved a lot, but unfortunately more challenges have surfaced. As of late, some of these challenges have become debilitating at times. I cannot run my practice, give myself the care I need, and offer you my best all at the same time, and have chosen to focus on my own health and happiness.

Living in Alignment to me includes practicing what you preach. If you take away any lesson from our work together let it be this: that your self-care and well-being come first, above all else. While this is easy to say, it’s definitely the most challenging to practice when it include big decisions like this.

When Santosha Bodywork closes in January, it will be my 12th anniversary in business, and near 14 years in professional practice. It has been my greatest honor, challenge, privilege, learning experience, and joy to work with you, whether you’ve seen me for a few sessions or over a decade. Never did I think I would not be doing some form of bodywork, but at least for now, I will take a break. This decision reminds me that everything in life is temporary, as are we, and the importance of non-attachment. Letting go of my practice is not easy. You, my clients and students, have been my life for so long, but it is time to move onto my next chapter.

Before the end of January, you’ll be provided a list of my skilled, local colleagues with whom you’ll really enjoy working. They are all wonderful practitioners, so you will literally be in good hands. A Letter of Care can be sent to your next practitioner that summarizes our work together and my objective findings for $20. Please reach out to me if you would like one, as limited number will be provided.

Please avoid offering suggestions for treatment options, self-care, or other advice to me, no matter how well intentioned. I have a great healthcare team and do not want any other resources at this time.

What’s Next?

You might be wondering what is next for me, so I’ll tell you. Honestly, I’m not totally sure yet. My hope is to teach a regular yoga class or two at a local studio (or studios), and work on bringing the Love Your Brain yoga program for TBI survivors to my community. I don’t think I can ever fully give up being an entrepreneur, and plan to focus on promoting my book, and likely creating some online programs at some point. First, though, I’m going to rest and do the self-care that I want and need until I feel ready to take on more. For those of you who would like to stay connected and informed of local yoga classes and workshops I’ll be teaching, please let me know and I’ll add you to a special list so you’ll be invited first.

Between now and January 30th, you’re invited to continue bodywork, private yoga, and nutritional consultations with Santosha Bodywork. I’ll continue to give you my best the entire duration.

Plan ahead to schedule your next session

Due to high demand and limited availability, appointments for bodywork and private yoga instruction are booking out approximately four to six weeks in advance. Nutritional consultations are conducted virtually and during non-session times, but still limited in availability. Avoid disappointment and schedule your upcoming session today.

Existing clients may using the online scheduler here.

Please use all prepaid sessions before January 30th.

Celebrate with Me

You’re invited to attend a closing celebration in January. The date and time will be announced soon so you can save the date and mark it on your calendar. It would mean a lot to me to have you stop by and say goodbye.

Thank you for your understanding and for allowing me to serve you these many years. I am so grateful for you; more than words can express.



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