Back-to-LifeIn “Back to Life: The Simple Program to Free Yourself from Chronic Back Pain” you’ll discover:

  • Three simple and easy stretches and exercises you can start doing TODAY to help yourself
  • The possible real cause of your chronic back pain that no one has ever told you about (or addressed!)
  • The helpful mindset needed to free yourself from chronic pain
  • How to be proactive in your own self-care start to heal your back pain right now!

Don’t wait another day!

You’ve tried everything else, so you have nothing to lose, only a pain-free life to gain!

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Here is one reader’s testimonial:

“I have struggled with chronic back pain since I was 15 years old. I have done it all  (except major surgery) – still always make it back to the same spot – chronic sometimes debilitating pain. For some reason when I read Jennifer’s e-book and listened to her message it really sunk in that I have been doing some things wrong. I sit at my computer all day long which only makes my problems worse. Her advice and her videos were just what I needed to hear at this time of my life. I am so tired of trying a bunch of drugs. I was ready to make life changes. Thank you Jennifer – your e-book is amazing and I highly recommend it for anyone who struggles with chronic back pain.” R.M.

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