A Balanced Body session concentrates on specific areas of your body that are experiencing pain or tension, and helps to provide relief while restoring ease and balance of movement.

When you experience pain, your symptoms don’t always tell the whole story. After all, you are one body, and one intelligent system. Looking at the bigger picture of your entire body while addressing the reason you came in, Jennifer will help pinpoint where to make changes to bring you further relief. At the end of the session, you’ll receive essential self-care tips and movement education to empower you to continue the progress you’ve make during your session.

Every session includes assessment, interactive Structural Integration treatment and movement education. You will be an active participant in creating change and healing in your body.

The Introductory Balanced Body session for first-time new clients includes a detailed intake of your health history, challenges and goals, thorough assessment, shorter session of hands-on bodywork and self-care recommendations.

If you’d like to continue your care after our initial session, Jennifer will suggest additional areas of work that will provide you with ongoing, meaningful and long-lasting relief.

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Allow up to 90 minutes for your session.

The Introductory Balanced Body Session for new clients is $145.

The Balanced Body Session for existing clients is $175.


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