On your first visit you can expect to have a detailed discussion regarding your health history, your current concerns and goals for our work together. I begin each session with postural assessment (visual and hands-on) to know what’s already working really well in your body, and to discover where we might want to work to make some positive changes.

You’ll experience both personalized hands-on bodywork on the treatment table and movement education through gentle yoga postures to retrain your body’s alignment and movement patterns for pain-free living.

For your session, please wear modest, full-coverage undergarments or minimal clothing to your comfort level (you’re welcome to change at my office.)

  • For ladies, this can mean a two-piece bathing suit if you prefer, or a bra (preferably a “bralette” or modest “regular” bra; avoid a sports bra with a racer back if possible) and either full-coverage panties or athletic shorts.
  • Please avoid using oils or lotions on your skin prior to your appointment that day (after is perfectly fine).
  • For guys, athletic shorts over undergarments are acceptable.

Honestly, the more I can see, the more information I have to help you and be the most effective.

Blankets are available to keep you comfortable if needed (my room nice and warm). I do work sometimes with clients fully clothed, too. If you’re uncomfortable being minimally clothed, this is always an option.

Come prepared and be ready to be an active participant in your session.

Please print and complete the following new client forms, and bring them with you to your appointment:

Please click here for information about parking and arriving at my office.

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