The Total Transformation Program (12-Series) & Accelerated Wellness Program (3-Series)

Discover long-lasting freedom and ease in your body with a series of Structural Integration sessions to strategically address and relieve chronic, whole-body dilemmas. If you’re tired of chasing symptoms and want the key to unlock and release your pain once and for all, consider one of the following series:

The Total Transformation (12-Series) Program addresses your entire body in detail for maximum results. This comprehensive package goes in-depth to unwind your pain patterns, providing life-changing, transformative and long-lasting results. If you’re tired of chasing the pain and are ready to commit to a rewarding investment in profound self-care, this package is for you.

The Total Transformation Program is $1995.*

A payment plan is available.

The Accelerated Wellness (3-Series) Program will identify and target misalignments and restrictions in your body’s structural pattern, setting you on a path to break your pain cycle.  Results may last months to years.

If you are more than ready to shift into a better version of you, this package is ideal.

The Accelerated Wellness Program is $475.*

A payment plan is available.

Please call 425.463.5763 to schedule your appointment.

If you’re an existing client, you’re welcome to schedule online.


Allow up to 90 minutes for each session. Sessions are spaced about 1-2 weeks apart. Commitment to your Series is essential to your success.

Series must be arranged prior to appointment time. See the FAQ page for additional information.

*Refund policy: In the event that treatment is discontinued for any reason during a Program, it is Santosha Bodywork’s policy to not issue refunds for prepaid programs or other services.

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