Tired of chasing pain or just not feeling good, no matter what steps you take?

Our comprehensive services address your body, mind and spirit, relieving chronic pain and restoring balance, freedom and ease to your life.

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  • Living in Alignment Program: $2345 (payment plan available)

    The Living in Alignment program includes targeted bodywork, movement, nutrition and Yogic philosophy, while delving into compassionate inner work. These open the door to profound transformation of your body, mind and Spirit, and ultimately, your life. In this unique, one-on-one, personalized program, you’ll experience the trifecta of Structural Integration bodywork, private yoga and nutritional consulting, along with deep, reflective Inner Alignment and Outer Alignment exploration through journaling, discussion and yoga/movement.

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  • Total Transformation Program (12-Series): $1995 (payment plan available)

    This 12-session Structural Integration package is for you if you’re tired of looking for a quick fix and are ready to invest in an authentically transformative program. The 12 session Program strategically addresses your entire body for maximum results, including long-lasting relief from chronic pain, improved balance, daily ease and new-found freedom. If you’re committed to self-care and are ready for profound change, this one’s for you. 

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  • Accelerated Wellness Program (3-Series): $475 (payment plan available)

    This 3-session Structural Integration package is ideal if you’re tired of chasing symptoms and are ready to break the pain cycle for good. These strategic sessions are the key to unlocking your pain pattern and welcoming a shift into a better version of you.

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  • Balanced Body Session: $175


    This 90-minute Structural Integration session concentrates on specific areas of your body that are tense, experiencing stress and misaligned. By surveying the entire body while working on your stressed points, Jennifer will suggest additional areas of work to enable meaningful and lasting relief.

    Introductory Balanced Body Session for new clients: $145

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60-min session: $115
Six session package: $595

  • Private Yoga Instruction

Ready to take your yoga practice to the next level, or want clarity on particular postures? Working with you, Jennifer will create lessons tailored to where you are right now and where you want to go next in your practice. Private yoga instruction is a valuable tool for students of all levels to go deeper and grow in body, mind and spirit.

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Two 30-min sessions: $115

  • Broad Spectrum Nutritional Consulting

Are you taking medication or supplements but still don’t feel great? Do you want to avoid pharmaceuticals or switch to more natural (and equally or more) effective solutions? In this consultation, Jennifer draws from her extensive knowledge, training and first-hand life-changing experience with nutraceuticals to guide you to alternative options for feeling your best from the inside out.

Sessions are conducted virtually using Zoom.

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You may now purchase Gift Certificates through my online booking site. Purchase for a friend or family member, or send them the link as a gift suggestion to you. Gift Certificates may be purchased for any service provided.

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