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Before & After Total Transformation Program [KMI 12-Series]
Before working with Jennifer, I had constant low back pain. It was impacting my ability to do what I love; garden, bike,walk, and care for my adult daughter with a disability. I felt frustrated because I have always told myself I will remain active throughout my life time in order to have the best quality of life as I age. During the Total Transformation Program (12-Series), I realized that it was possible to be pain free the majority of the time and when I felt pain returning I was given a tool kit of stretches and yoga poses that allowed me to prevent the pain from getting hold of me again.
After completing the Program, one day I realized that it had been weeks since I had even thought about my low back. I was pain free! I also know that if and when I have back pain I have a great tool kit to help me.

"​Before seeing Jennifer I was experiencing pain in my joints, couldn't stand up straight, my body curving to one side and ​feeling squished in my diaphragm area so couldn't take a deep breath.  Plus I had been experiencing numbness in my right foot since a back surgery a few years ago. I had experienced some fascial work before and had felt relief, yet what Jennifer helped me with seemed so much more. Deciding to go through the 12 sessions with her was a gift.  She helped me stand straighter, feel less pain, swing my arms freely and breathe more deeply.  I felt like a whole new person.  Not so scrunched in the middle so I actually had a waist again. One of the greatest surprises was being able to feel my foot better too.  There's more work to be done there but I was so happy and surprised to be able to feel my foot more regularly if that makes sense.  Not everyone knows how it feels to have a numb foot but those that do probably get what I'm saying.  It was truly amazing. Jennifer's love of helping others live a healthy life, her dedication to ongoing education to bring back to her clients and the added yoga exercises she suggests to maintain this healthy body of mine shows her commitment to creating a healthier world. Thank you Jennifer for all you do and who you are.  I appreciate you."
"I had been suffering from debilitating low back pain for over a year when I was referred to Jennifer by a trusted friend. Prior to finding Jennifer, I had tried everything to get better. I tried anti-inflammatory medication, weekly physical therapy for over six months, and chiropractor visits. All helped a little, but I still could not walk without the assistance of a cane. Even with the cane, I was having extreme difficulties walking around and doing simple things like getting dressed and cleaning the house. My life had become very limited. I could not even go to the grocery store without difficulty. The first time I went to see Jennifer, I had to have my dad help me walk from the parking lot to her office. I could not walk on my own. By the end of the first session, I could already feel the improvement. After each session I always felt the improvement and was staring to get hopeful that life would return to normal soon. By the end of the 12 session program (KMI 12-Series), my pain was gone and I was able to lead a much more active life. I am so thankful for Jennifer. She realigned my body and I am finally able to walk without a cane and I can bend and get dressed without pain. I can go grocery shopping again without having to struggle walking across the parking lot! My life is finally returning to normal! Jennifer also taught me self care exercises that will help me maintain the alignment and space she was able to create for me. If you are experiencing chronic pain, I highly recommend Jennifer. She is amazing and was able to achieve results typical remedies could not. Thank you Jennifer!"
"Over the years I've tried every modality in search of relief; years of chiropractic, deep tissue massage, pain pills, anti-inflammatories, etc., yet symptoms persisted. I was resigned to the fact that chronic headaches with extreme neck stiffness and pain were simply my reality. Jennifer Soames' "head to toe" approach was new to me. I literally couldn't 'wrap my head' around how interconnected the fascia is in the body. I often thought how in the heck does working on my feet or pelvis help my head?! Well friends, it does! Her work went far beyond structural for me however. While my headaches feel like a thing of the past, more profound is that i feel like I'm actually 'living in my body'. My body image and self consciousness have lifted so much. This may sound trivial on the surface, but it isn't! I realize that once you have this and really "embody yourself", everything else becomes easier! My weight has dropped 20 pounds, my head is high, shoulders back, feeling grounded yet humbled by this newfound freedom. I'm a tough case, a perfectionist and often a demanding client with a highly stressful job in IT. Being around Jennifer literally softens me, helps me be my true self. She gently and wisely handled my tears when I was feeling exasperated by my pain and tension life brings us all. This series treats your Whole Self. I had no idea walking in her door for the first time how the work we would do in 12 weeks would literally transform me, from the inside out. I found ME again. I found my inner strength to improve my life in so many other areas. I could cry writing this as I shake my head in awe, so thankful for having found her. I'd be happy to speak with anyone considering the program. I believe it is what we ALL need in order to restore balance in a frenzied world, with long lasting results to help us navigate our lives. Thank you Jennifer! Be ready for tears at our last session, although it most certainly won't be the 'end'. It's just the beginning! <3"
"My daughter has sever scoliosis that progressed very quickly – so quickly that we did not have the advantage of curbing it with a brace. The doctors were great to work with, but the only solution offered was surgery. Since surgery didn’t offer all of the benefits we hoped, and it was still optional, we decided to hold off. In the meantime, we wanted to do something to help with pain, general movement and comfort. We heard about Jennifer’s practice through a friend and were thrilled to have an option that may curb the issues my daughter was experiencing as a result of the scoliosis. We met with Jennifer and didn’t know what to expect, we liked her approach, expertise and knowledge. We entered into the Total Transformation Program (KMI 12-series) with hope. We have been very happy with the results! My daughter has learned better ways to sit and stand with less effort, and clearly a straightened stance. She has therapy tools for pain and for maintaining her improved positioning. Jennifer was great for my daughter to work with. She was kind, strong, comforting, very detailed about what/why she was doing during treatments, and was professional. From a parent’s perspective she was also very good about communicating with me along the way, allowing me a chance to ask questions, and is overall a pleasure to work with. Thank you!"
"Jennifer is amazing!!! Before seeing Jennifer I had chronic knee pain, back pain, foot pain and less flexibility. During my 12 visits Jennifer and I, working together, realigned my body to its natural state. She showed me exercises to take home and complete everyday so that the work we did weekly would complement our areas of work. I am so thankful I found Jennifer. I am on the track again to lead a more active lifestyle that fits my physical and emotional self. I encourage others to experience this physical transformation for pain relief and body health and wellness."
Before working with Jennifer, I experienced significant pain in my left hip and low back, and I could feel myself losing my independence. Simple tasks like dressing and walking became increasingly difficult, and I stopped doing things that I loved…all in an effort to conserve what little energy I had left to get through my day. I noticed a mental and emotional fatigue as well…and I’d lost the ability to appreciate the things that my body could still do really well; every day, I said negative things about my body. My goals were simple: decrease my pain, and maintain my independence. During the Total Transformation Program (KMI 12-Series), I slowly realized that my body is “smart,” and that it would, over time, figure out what needed to happen in order to begin healing. Along the way, I noticed several small things that added up to big progress: less, the ability to “sit well,” and the ability to “stand well”…building a solid foundation for other movements. After completing the Program, I am now pain-free in my left hip, my low back doesn’t hurt, and for short distances, I can again walk without assistance. My initial goal was to maintain my independence; through my work with Jennifer, I’ve surpassed that goal: I have increased my independence. I’ve also found greater peace living in my body…I have Cerebral Palsy, and life-long experience with a significant eating disorder. In spite of this, my body is serving me well!
Before working with Jennifer I was dealing with a host of problems that were compounded by multiple injuries and aging diseases. I was diagnosed 3years ago with osteoarthritis in the hip joint. After years of progressing pain with no relief from chiropractic, acupuncture, and physical therapy, I was at a dead end, trying to decide on surgery. Two years after that diagnosis I shattered the upper right arm bone in a bad accident damaging all the muscles, nerves, tissues and tendons in and around the arm and shoulder. Extensive surgery and six months of physical therapy left me with 2 metal plates, dozens of pins, and only about 50% range of movement in my arm, with a lot of pain. I was unable to tolerate any kind of pain medications after taking too much, for too long. My longest duration of sleep consisted of three consecutive hours, and that was if I sleep in a recliner. However the majority of nights it was more like two hours if I fell asleep on a bed. The vicious cycle of not getting enough rest and healing sleep impeded the healing process, which in turn made the pain worse. My medical doctors and insurance ran out of ideas, alternatives and solutions. This is when my daughter began researching ideas to help me with my pain and healing process, in a more natural holistic approach, without more surgeries. She found the ‘Muscle Integration’ method and asked me to look into giving it a try. I had nothing else to lose at this point, and I mean NOTHING! I was already losing the last thing in life I could actually do, and that was sleep! I couldn’t play golf any more, ride my bike, hike, swim, or even sit at my computer and write. I couldn’t do the simplest task, like tying my hair up in a ponytail, or put a dish up on a shelf. Every minute of the day I was reminded of my debilitating injuries, arthritis, and pain limiting my movements, sleep, and quality of life. I decided to try Jennifer’s method after reading her affirmations of relief on the “In Stride Bodywork” web-page. In the first session she got my right shoulder more relaxed and level with the left side, which was noticeably higher and wrenched with pain. I decided to try the KMI Series of 12 Sessions for a “Total Transformation Program”. We began working with the injured shoulder first, getting some new movement right away, and literally relocating the entire shoulder several inches back to its original placement before the accident. I noticed the pain relief in the whole shoulder region right away, along with more range of movement. However the most noticeable improvement was being able to sleep in a bed for 4 hours straight. Working on the hip next brought more pain relief and some new remedies to get me out of pain in between visits to her office. This too increased my ability to sleep longer intervals, and after finishing my KMI Series I am able to sleep in a bed uninterrupted for up to 7 hours now. I have now returned to most of the activities I enjoyed before the accident and onset of osteoarthritis, as well as being able to practice yoga for more healing benefits and continued progress. I’m not back to an 18 handicap yet in golf, but at least I’m shooting in the 90’s again. I am also swimming, hiking and riding my bike with my daughter and grandson, and have finished writing a book I always wanted to crank out. I have also grown my hair back out again, as I can tie it up in a ponytail any time I want! Yes, I have finally turned the clock back, and reversed the downward spiral of pain and aging I had fallen into. Working with Jennifer has been far more therapeutic by creating permanent healing results than any method I’ve tried in years. Thank you Jennifer for your healing touch!
Chronic knee and lower back pain (and really, any chronic pain, period) is exactly not what a 25-year-old wants to deal with. Especially not one like myself who works as a gardener – involving five days a week of physical labor. Before working with Jennifer, I was seeing a massage therapist nearly every week to maintain the aches. Dumping money into something that was not solving the problem. I was pleased to get the opportunity to change up my methods by working with her. It's amazing how much more enjoyable it is to be constantly and physically involved in the work rather than merely laying down and getting massaged. Jennifer is so very excited about her work and it definitely shows. During the work I experienced the awesome phenomenon of noticing how most of my muscles move and connect and realized to the fullest extent how much muscles in the front CAN impact those in the back, and vice versa. Now, post Total Transformation Program, I end my work days far less sore and drained, I can perform vigorous activities with vastly shorter recovery time, and my back and knee pains are virtually non-existent (aches here and there, but nothing worth needing to be worked on). I don't wake up with a sore back and breathing is so much more gratifying with how much air I can take in. Jennifer is incredible and her help was worth more than I could have originally thought. Young or not, if you have aches and pains that you are done dealing with, pay her a visit, and retrieve the tools to move into a more satisfying life.
I cannot begin to express my joy. I am so much better than I have been in over 10 years of suffering from back and leg issues. Before working with Jennifer, I had been suffering from long term lower back pain to the point of not being able to walk or stand for extended periods. Recently I began experiencing some bad issues in my right ankle (pain and instability). I also have scoliosis that causes a number of issues in my mid- and lower back. I have been practicing yoga for over 14 years, but had been frustrated with the accumulative problems from the scoliosis and recently my ankle. The compounding of these issues had started to affect my ability to be on my feet for extended periods of time, walking distances and my alignment at yoga. I tried physical therapy and chiropractic but it seemed to only help for a short periods with me having to go back sometimes weekly for adjustments. Yoga definitely was helping but it was not enough. Jennifer’s work really helped my overall alignment along with her educating me on sitting and standing. There were also some amazing take always in the form of home therapy that I can do myself. It has been some weeks now since completing the KMI 12 Series and to date I can report that I am feeling so much better. My feet and right ankle have not hurt me in weeks. My lower back and upper back feel great! I am not experiencing any of the pain or aches that I have been experiencing for years. All I can say is that if you are suffering, please give her a call – this is one of the most amazing therapies I have ever tried and have had so much success from it!
"I am a 54 year old female who enjoys working out at the gym, practicing Yoga, hiking, gardening etc. A year or so ago I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis (feet) and Sciatica (hamstrings). Not a nice combination. I tried a myriad of procedures: Physical Therapy, steroid shots in my feet, acupuncture. Now, not to discredit any of those by any means, but it wasn't helping. I had heard about In Stride Bodywork's [Total Transformation Program (KMI 12-Series)] and had had some previous sessions with Jennifer. After lengthy conversation about the benefits of the whole body (12-) series I decided to take the plunge. Each session was an adventure and with Jennifer's vast knowledge of the human body. Well, I couldn't help but become totally engrossed in the whole concept of bodywork. Each session brought something new to my body. Better rotation in my head/neck. Shoulders and arms more relaxed at my sides and not sticking out like Robbie the Robot. Really! Going from not being able to do a forward fold comfortably and evenly, to being able to do it. Even in a standing position raising my leg to a 90 degree angle. Couldn't do it before. My lower back would be stiff. Now I can and with ease. I still smile while putting my socks on standing up. Today my plantar fasciitis has eased. With the bodywork and rolling my feet at home (my 'homework') I keep them happy. (See Jennifer about using tennis balls and foam rollers for self-care) The list goes on and on. I have become a cheerleader for bodywork. Ask my friends and co-workers. I have learned so much from Jennifer and I love sharing that knowledge. I highly recommend going and visiting In Stride Bodywork. I came up with a new catch phrase the other day for myself: I have a new 'release' on life! Thank you Jennifer Soames!"
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"I am a bodyworker and was injured in a car accident 7 years before seeing Jennifer. My wrists were holding the steering wheel as a car ran into me at a moderate speed, and suffered pain off and on since then. I decided to see Jennifer for a 12 week series to try to alleviate my wrist pain, and I'm happy to say that she's helped me where my acupuncturist, chiropractor, and physical therapist couldn't. One thing I wasn't expecting - taking a full, deep breath! I don't think I ever took a real deep breath before seeing her. I'm really amazed at how much more movement I have overall, but being able to fully expand my lungs has been such a blessing! Jennifer has a gentle, caring approach to her craft. After each session, I felt like my body gave me a big hug! Definitely recommend - you will leave with a new and improved body, as well as a renewed appreciation for your body!"

"As I determined to attend yoga classes more regularly, I began to be more aware of imbalances in some of my joints.  Particularly my hip flexor muscles on the left side seemed less flexible and sore.  One of the yoga instructors mentioned Jennifer's practice, and eventually I decided to see whether she could help me.  During the 12 week session, Jennifer taught me about fascia and I observed how important it is to realign the body from head to toe!  It is amazing how [freeing] the fascia in the [ankles] can affect the alignment, for example, of the [shoulders]!  For the education and the rejuvenation of this middle-aged body, I praise Jennifer!  I recommend this program only to persons who want to walk and move with more ease, breathe deeper, and live more comfortably in their body."

"I am a 69 year-old former athlete who had lost hope of enjoying an active life. I have struggled with balance problems ever since sustaining a high ankle sprain six years ago. I continually felt as if I were tipping over to my left. I found myself losing my balance. I then developed chronic low back pain, stenosis in the vertebrae in my neck leading to a fusion/laminectomy, and ultimately chronic hip pain. I tried acupuncture, massage, stretching. I hired a personal trainer and worked out weekly for two years. I was in constant pain, never getting stronger or more balanced. I was ready to give up, except I was afraid if I stopped moving, I would never be able to move again. I was referred to Jennifer by my personal trainer. I had nothing to lose, so decided to participate in the 12-week structural integration process. I have never had a physical modality work so quickly and easily, with immediate visual and physical results. My low back pain went away. My left foot finally started to point straight ahead. My hip pain disappeared. I began to walk again with a fluid stride that took me farther, faster, without pain. While it took the full 12 sessions for my balance to return, it did so. I have hope for the first time in years that I can return to an active lifestyle, one that matches my physical and emotional view of myself. I am encouraging every friend and acquaintance I know who is experiencing pain to consider using structural integration as a reliable method to return to a pain-free life."
“Due to a car accident that resulted in neck and back injuries, I began treatment with Jennifer. She not only relieved symptoms, but helped with the healing process. She was actively in communication with my other treatment providers, and showed me techniques to work on at home for better results. I am impressed with her continual education to acquire new techniques that will benefit her clients. She is a gifted therapist who truly has her client’s best interest at heart. Thank you Jennifer for all you have done for me!”
“I’m 61 years-old and I run, bike and hike quite a bit. Recently I did a KMI 12-Series with Jennifer and I was pleased and surprised with the result. Rather than the traditional deep tissue massage, the KMI series involved a highly focused evaluation by Jennifer of the functional alignment of my legs, hips, back and shoulders. The result was that Jennifer was able to target specific areas of my body for change and better alignment. I believe that Jennifer has been able to make some permanent changes for the better and I appreciate her focus and commitment to helping her clients. ”
“I want to thank you for my KMI experience. It was hard for me to believe that at the age of 71, I could receive any benefit from this kind of a bodywork program. It was amazing; although somewhat intense. Even with just three sessions, I am certain that my posture has improved (especially sitting) and I think I have recovered my lost height. At least I “feel” taller. These sessions have also enhanced my flexibility and range of motion to turn more freely at the waist and get more distance out of my golf swing. My lower back pain has subsided significantly when swinging the club. Thanks again for all you have done. ”
“I experienced some very positive results after my KMI 3-Series. My balance has improved. My shoulders are practically pain free. I had shoulder surgery this past winter. I have found the series to be of great benefit in my recovery.”
"Jennifer has was my massage therapist for several years [before offering KMI]. I recently completed the KMI 3 Series with her. I enjoyed playing a pro-active role in assisting Jennifer. Stretching and breathing as instructed, helped maximize her work. I noticed immediate improvement as each session progressed. As a result of the KMI treatment my fibromyalgia and arthritis have dissipated considerably. I can perform my daily tasks without feeling chronic fatigue and pain. Together with good nutrition and exercise, KMI will provide quality of life as I get older. Already a senior at 64, I know it’s never too late to live my best life. I wholeheartedly encourage those seeking improved health for a better life, to put your bodies into Jennifer’s very capable hands. Let her expertise in KMI renew your joie de vivre! It has mine!"
"After the very first treatment [of my KMI 3-Series] my legs felt lighter as I walked. With each additional treatment the discomfort I was feeling went away. I now stand taller and can breathe deeper than before. I have recommended Jennifer already to two friends!"
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